When to change LED headlight kit in your car

Now that you know the importance and advantages of installing the LED headlights for your vehicle as it improves the visibility and overall driving experience, you might want to know how often to change the LED headlights on your vehicle. Installation and re a�� installation is a very straightforward process for this. All you need to have is a good LED headlights kit to do this straightforward task. When it is a bulb or the traditional usage of lights, it is only one thing a�� to change the lighting bulb when ever it burst or burns out. However, this is not the case with the LED headlights on your car or vehicle.

This is because there are several factors that affect the durability and brightness of your vehiclea��s LED headlights. It highly depends on how often your take your vehicle out for driving and what time you use it, like in daytime or nighttime. Here are given the details on when you have to change the LED headlights in your car. As there are several LED lights in the market, the average LED white bulb may come for a period of years approximately. It is measured in the number of hours in usage. This roughly comes to 25,000 to 50,000 hours of usage.

One of the main factors that affect the LED durability is definitely the climatic issues. Sometimes extreme heat around the LED lights may cause it to burn out faster due to thermal pressure from the increasing temperatures. So they may burn out faster than expected. However, it is always benefits the driver as well as the car vehicle to check it out at regular intervals to see how they are performing. During a long drive at night, you really do not want the LED headlights in your car to grow dim and give limited visuality.

Hence, it is the most important thing for every car owner to check even the LED headlights when performing a regular check of the whole car. So, it is the durability of the headlights that is mainly affected by over use and extremely hot atmosphere. The best way to notice it before it goes out completely is when you see a limited illumination. That is when you can know it is time to purchase a new set of LED bulbs. Moreover, in case you do not use it that often and know it is time for a replacement, then you have to replace them so that a non a�� working bulb does not give trouble while you are on a drive, imagine if you were on a busy street!

The only other time when you need to change the car led kit is when it is broken or you smash your car somewhere. When ever you notice that your car headlights are going dim, simply purchase an LED headlights kit at carhq.org/best-led-headlights-cars to install it on your car.. These car LED headlights, as mentioned earlier, are very easy and simple to install them. So you can do it yourself especially if you are an experienced car driver / owner.

Best Shoes For Trail Running

Trail running is all about venturing on uneven terrains. Thus, to keep your feet safe, it is very important to wear the right shoes which are perfect for trail running. Leta��s look at some of the key points to remember while picking shoes.

Tips To Choose Running Shoes

While running on a trail, you can expect the terrain to constantly change. Rarely there is any chance of interaction of your foot with the ground will remain same. Thus, shoes need to be very supportive. Due to different surfaces underfoot, your way of running can change simply over several strides. These trail shoes are designed keeping in mind all the above points regarding a changeable terrain.

These shoes contain waterproof membranes which can protect feet while running on damp grass, mud, snow or puddles, from getting wet and cold. Also during dry conditions or freezing days, it can keep feet warmer. Thus, your feet remain dry and you are comfortable throughout your run.

Good running shoes are always thinner around the toes and thicker around the heel to absorb any impact, a runner may experience. These shoes should have good cushioning around the heel area and the forefoot area to prevent injuries and avoid fatigue. While running on softer surfaces, these trail shoes have less padding, increasing the stability of the shoe. These can also protect from any object protruding underfoot.

Most importantly, your shoes must be well fitted else you will not be able to run properly and comfortably. If your shoes are too small then your circulation is compromised and toenails can be damaged. Whereas, if your shoes are too large then there can be too much friction excessive movement. Better to measure your feet accurately including the width and length and not to neglect the flexibility. Also, it is important to measure the height of the arch and width of the heel.

The tech used in Hair Drug Test vs. Urine Testing

Drug testing has now advanced and has become more accurate and easy. But along with this advancement, we also find a marked improvement in the detox drinks that help pass these drug tests. If you are looking for fake urine for drug testing you would find several types of these on the market. The effectiveness would vary, however.

When it comes to drug testing, the most common types used these days are hair follicle testing and urine testing. Though both are done for similar purposes, the technologies used for both differ.

Hair follicle testing- the good and the bad:

This is a more advanced type of testing which can be used to find traces of drugs that had been taken several days ago. The ideal window quoted is 90 days. The sensitivity of the test is what makes it a better choice in terms of the accuracy. So even those cases where a urine test cannot find the drugs can be detected with ease with hair follicle testing. This is also very useful to investigate the presence of a wide spectrum of drugs. And given that it is a non-intrusive method, it is quite popular.

This method, however, is not very common because of the expenses involved. For better results, a single hair strand would not be sufficient.

Urine testing- the good and the bad:

This is still the least expensive drug testing method. And it has been around for quite some time because of the ease of performing the test. The laboratory set up required for this is also relatively simpler and so even the smallest labs have this facility. The test can give good results even if the drug had been taken a week ahead. But this method is not used in cases where absolute accuracy is a must. The test is still considered to be an easy to tamper test.

Can tech improve my phone chat experience?

There is a growing murmur of how technology is getting a stranglehold on our lives. There is no single aspect of the present generation that is not governed by technology. While it is true that many of us have let technology overrun our lives if used with prudence it can be a friend and not an enemy to be feared.

Technology enhances phone chatting

Let us take the example of chatting on phone. In days gone by you had to dial for a number and wait for the operator to connect before you could speak to the other person. It was time-consuming, laborious and expensive. But due to the rapid progress in the telecommunications industry today with the touch of a button, you can call any number in the world and talk to anyone. Time and money are saved while distance doesna��t matter anymore.

Dial a number

Today, if you are feeling lonely and unloved all you have to do is to dial a chathaus nummer from a landline, a mobile or any device that allows you to make a call and voila there is a comforting voice at the other end. These numbers work with all service providers and networks so you can rest assured that you will be heard.

Video chatting

And finally, if you want to see the face behind the voice, that is also possible. With video chatting, people on either side can see each other. This is a great way to connect and bond and stays in touch especially if you are traveling and away from your loved ones. Though it can never compensate for the physical presence it is consolation enough to keep you going.

Hence, do not grudge the technology which has taken away the ability to have a face-to-face conversation in many cases because it has its advantages and can be a powerful tool of transformation if you know how to wield it.


Car parts in Scotland

Having a broken down car that needs parts replaced can be irritating. And if you know little or nothing about automobile spare parts it does not help at all! This makes things difficult when you have to visit a retailer to buy the spare parts. As there are chances that they would judge your lack of knowledge and dupe you with either poor quality parts or hiked prices. Here are some ways in which you can get better spare parts.

Order Online: You are scared of a lot of effort, plus can compare prices of various sites and get yourself good deals. Additionally, you can get these parts delivered to your doorsteps. Get car parts in Scotland as well.

Check for fakes: Whether you order online or visit a store, make sure you check the part for its quality. You can cross check it with the website of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Compare prices: Prices everywhere will be varying; you need to check all the reputed sites and find the one that gives the best product at an affordable price.

Warranty: The site that offers warranty for the car parts must be given preference.

Company Sites: Many automobile manufacturers now have websites dedicated to the sale of spare parts. You can be sure of genuine parts right here.

Model Number Make sure you order the exact spare part including its model number t prevent bad buys or the hassle of returns.

Get the right information: Before making any purchase it is better to verify the exact spare part that needs to be purchased, you can take help from an experienced person or an automobile service station for the same.

Customer Support: A good car parts site will always have a supportive customer service that is available round the clock.

Buy rare or expensive parts on your own: since the parts are rare or expensive it is best to visit a retailer and purchase the parts in person.

The Best Tech For Video Editing

The growing popularity for videos, animation, and visual effects has resulted in the availability of so many editing or creation software for videos, that allow the individuals to create and promote their videography skills without much ado. Although the idea of each of this technology is to assist the respective developers in producing their desired videography or animation output, they do differ in different technological aspects to suit the different expectations and the skill level of the developers.

Therefore, calling a particular technology the best is subjective to the requirements of the developers as no two people have got the exact set of preferences or the exact level of expertise. But still, certain video editing platforms are highly popular because they are preferred by the majority of the developers and one such best technology for video editing is this Adobe Premiere Pro!

Adobe Premiere Pro

Although this video editing technology has everything that is needed by the professional, its straightforwardness enables even the amateurs to confidentially utilize the platform for creating world-class videos and in this lies the advantage and the popularity of this software. Available as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud software collection and as well as Adobe Creative Suite, this video editing program is based on the non-linear editing process, in where the developer is allowed to perform the edits directly on the frame, without destructing the original footage.

This timeline based video editor can tackle any type of video formats and therefore, preferred the most in every type of professional production, including the film the Web. This software can also be integrated with Adobe Photoshop and the After Effects thus, offering more power to the imagination and the expectations of the developer. Although we cana��t say this technology is absolutely budget-friendly, it is not that pricey when compared to the other platforms that are available in the market, which works in the similar fashion or slightly higher when compared to the Adobe Premiere Pro!

Is Camera Battery Really Getting Better?

The very essence of a good video photography is the power that is spent to make it. A video has to be necessarily shot with power and to be powered effectively, a trail camera needs to use batteries. Cameras have almost always been powered with the help of batteries but in recent times, camera batteries have been getting better with the introduction of lithium ion batteries.

What Are Lithium Ion Batteries?

Lithium ion batteries are recent developments in the world of camera batteries. They are more advantageous than traditional batteries in several ways. When there is a discharge in the battery, the lithium ions move from a negative electrode to a positive electrode. This is how these lithium ion batteries function. The lithium ions carry the electric current towards the direction of the flow of electricity. While the lithium ions are charging, the direction of the energy flow is reversed and the lithium ions are returned to their positions inside the battery. At this point in time, the ions move from negative to positive and provide power all over again.

How Lithium Ion Batteries Are Making Camera Batteries Better

There are several advantages of using lithium ion batteries. You can adapt them to as many sizes and shapes as you want to. This makes them versatile enough to be used for various applications. Thus they can be fit into any device conveniently.

Considering the fact that they do not use any liquid to make the flow of ions happens, they weigh a lot lesser than traditional batteries. Traditional batteries tend to suffer from a�?memory effecta�? that makes them lose their charge if left unused for a certain period of time. However, a lithium ion battery retains its charge and gives you the same amount of power that it would have in the first place.

Moreover, lithium ion batteries are recyclable that makes them last longer and reduce the drainage of charge when not in use. For more information on advancements in camera batteries, please check the website of Trail Cam Picks.

Can Technology Improve Bottle Warmers?

Bottle warmers are an outcome of technology. They are one of those myriad inventions in this 21st century that have made our lives more convenient and comfortable. So, if technology was the first cause for the invention of bottle warmers, it is technology and techno-ideas alone that can improve the quality and efficiency of bottle heaters.

A bottle warmer is an object of great utility. If you are looking to buy this useful product, let me tell you I found a great bottle warmer review here.

Why do we need bottle warmers?

This is a device that saves time. It may not be an essential baby product. But, it does make your life convenient. In the absence of these cool techno gadgets, a bottle may have to be warmed up using a bowl of warm water or under a tap of warm water. A bottle warmer is safe (unlike a microwave),easy and less hassle, because it keeps your hands free and you can shift all your attention to the baby and its other needs.

What can technology do to improve the quality of bottle warmers?

  • The quality and efficiency of this useful product can be improved greatly.
  • The safety and nutritional benefits of the milk and liquids need to be preserved.
  • The flexibility of the gadget in accepting bottles of varied sizes,shapes and materials can be improved.
  • The bottle warmer can be made keeping in mind its portability and the amount of space that it occupies on a counter or a bag.

There are several bottle heaters these days with different characteristics and features. There are those that use steam heat and those that use water bath technology. Do have an idea on their relative pros and cons and choose a product that gives you flexibility and does a neat, efficient job.

Protect your personal information as an online business owner

It is the age of the internet. And no matter how big or small a business is in order to survive in the competitive market, having a strong internet presence is now mandatory. But for small business owners maintain the online content might be slightly expensive. And investing in an internet security service for data security is going to be another big expense.A� But this is more like an investment which no business owner should hesitate to make. Here are some ways to keep your personal and business information secure online:

  1. Use the strongest passwords:

For all your accounts use tough to crack strong passwords and keep changing them often. Do not share your passwords even with your team members and other credible colleagues.

  1. Data encryption is your answer:

There are lots of data encryption tools that you could use to secure sensitive information. And no matter which device you are using, tools like this app protects your online privacy and secure your information from hacks and leaks.

  1. Use strict data security policies:

Internal data leaks are bigger threats than the hacks from external sources. Even some of the big companies have lost huge amounts of money and their reputation due to internal data leaks. Because data leaks can result in the loss of your customer information which is not something that your customers would tolerate. Data leaks can be prevented by incorporated several levels of authentication. Restricted access to sensitive information is another important step to take.

Data security is not an easy job as hackers are getting better by the day. They have the most sophisticated tools to crack even the most secure servers. So you could consider investing in a good data security service. Outsourcing it to someone who really knows the nuances of data security would help your business in the long run.

Baby Tech: Gadgets To Help With Feeding

How big is your child? What are his eating habits? Irrespective of his age, the biggest headache for every mother is the food habit of her child. For the first six months when the babies are exclusively breastfed, you must be facing with latching problems,A� reduced lactation and whether to feed on time or on demand. When the baby starts on solid food, you must be scratching head on what all to be pureed without causing allergy to your baby and what all give him wholesome nutrition.

With time, starts the fussy eating habits and stubbornness. Knowing these issues of mothers, technology makers have invented a whole range of gadgets to reduce your bone breaking work in feeding your baby.


Gadgets which help you to nourish your independent, fussy toddler

As a toddler, your child tries to feed on his own, though his food handling skills are yet to develop completely. To narrow down the long list of A to Z feeding gadgets, let us meet five most essential assistants in feeding your toddler:

High chair: Start teaching your child the basics of table manners by the correct position and independent access to his food.

Toddler feeding sets: With attractive and BPA free dining sets, bowls, gripped cups and weaning soft-tipped spoons, your child will look forward to his meal time.

Bottle warmers: Toddlers are always on the move and you cannot warm their milk or water every time by going into the kitchen.

Food blenders and juicers: Preparing purees, semisolids, and juices for the mobile and picky toddlers is a tough job and may take time switching from one choice to another. Blenders and juices let you go off from this menace.

Breast pumps: It is weaning time for many, particularly once their teeth are out. You definitely require a breast pump as mothera��s milk is a perennial nourishing source.

You can visit the nearest baby store to select the best from the available ranges or do an extensive research on the internet and pick your favorites. I found the best bottle warmer for my toddler here from the internet. Where will you from?

Unique Gadgets To Build Smart Home Security

The many things that a smart home security can do:

If you are one of those who think that a home security can raise an alarm when someone is up to mischief at your front door or there is a spark somewhere or that there is any other kind of emergency, then you must be still living in the stone-age.

Today, the home security system has become so smart that they can let you do an array of things which was up to now only thought to be too out of the box. For example fancy that you are at work and your kids are yet to turn up from school. You want them to have a warm meal waiting for them when they arrive. So, you can set a notification for yourself in your smart phone itself as to when the kids arrive home from school. As soon as you get a notification, you can remotely control your electricity from the mobile phone and switch on the microwave for the food inside to get warm till your child freshens up and comes down for his supper!

This is what happened the other day with me:

I was in a rush to leave home for a meeting scheduled at 4 pm. It was already 2 30 and I had to catch a bus to be at work. In my frenzy, I forgot to switch off the heater system. I remembered in the middle of the bus journey but I was too late to even go back and do the needful. I was fretting at the thought of having a house that is burnt down because of my negligence.

Only then it struck me suddenly that I could control the heater thermostat from where I was using my smart phone as a remote for my home security system. The relief was palpable as I relaxed immediately and had a wonderful presentation at the meeting. I learnt a lot about the various other features of the Armcrest security camera after this incident from its manual and the internet. It is always empowering to be in the knowhow! If you need an Armcrest 960H 4 Ch video security System go here on these review sites and check out the actual testimonials yourself. You will need no more convincing.

Top Videocameras For YouTube Videos

If you would like to make videos on YouTube, then you would need a camcorder or a video camera. But what you buy is dependent on what your needs are. There may be a few who would want to make Wo deutsche YouTube Abonnenten kaufen YouTube videos just for the fun of it. Others may want to make videos to earn out of it.



A very important factor that you need to consider is the budget. The cameras have a wide range of price and there are also a number of options that are available in the market. You may want to purchase a DSLR camera and when you go to the shop you will find that the price ranges from as low as $200 to as high as $2000. If you would like to buy a professional one then be ready to spend at least a $1000. There are some that can be low on the budget and works best for the starters. Budget is thus a very crucial factor that you should consider.


Type of videos

This is important because it will let you decide on which camera you want to buy. Just mentioning that you want to capture videos for YouTube will not suffice. YouTube is broad and you need to be clear of your niche. You may wish to do an indoor shooting where you could go for a low budget DSLR camera. If your videos would mostly be captured outdoors then you need a camera that can give you high-quality lighting and you would also need the camera to have some high-end gears to be able to shoot in low lighting.


The best part is that today many of the camcorders are affordable. However, you still need to do an in-depth research about which camera will be best suited for your purpose.


Best Wireless Systems and Guitar Amplifiers Trending Today

For those musicians who are keeping pace with the technological world and the modern devices that are being developed and marketed across the globe knowing about the best systems available in the market is a must. If you are on the lookout for some great options this site has the best reviews for them all. Just log in and find the various options that are available and pick and compare instruments and devices that will suit your kind of performances, that will knock the crowds off their feet. Here are a couple of points you may keep in mind while choosing the best one-

  • Configuration- In addition to amplification, professional players often also look for the configuration of amps. Combo amp, cabinet or head, the first thing you need to do is choose which one you need to buy. Making this choice totally depends on the area of your performance. A combo is the most preferred choice by many because it is all a�� in -one kind of a unit whereas a head and a cabinet are separate and are bulkier and heavier too.
  • Speaker Size- It is a fact that speaker of different sizes produces different kinds of sounds. Also, smaller speakers are capable of producing higher frequencies than the larger ones. Also, there is a notable difference between a closed cabinet speaker and a one which is an open-backed one.
  • Construction Quality- The kind of material used in the manufacture of the cabinet is quite important. Wood is the most preferred material and the quality of wood used also makes a huge difference in the sound quality. The thickness of at least half an inch is mandatory to produce a good quality sound and also to keep the speaker in place.

Several other features are also there which may be considered but taking care about these specs is also good enough to help make a good and wise choice.

A Guide to Set up a Recording Studio for a Beginner

A Guide to Set up a Recording Studio for a Beginner

Once you are acquainted with the path to follow and lead the career in music, the next step lies in creating a studio for self, to practice and create few minor projects. But setting up a recording studio is a huge investment and is difficult too. it needs alot of research, planning and thinking, and finally, some investment to execute it.

We hope you agree with us! But, we say that its pretty far easier than you actually thought of. You just need a few basic essential commodities and you are done with it. Read on below to know whata sound engineera��s ideal setup for a studio looks like!

Basic components for a studio:

  • A Computer
  • Audio Interface or DAW combo
  • Monitors for studio
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Cables
  • Pop Filter
  • Software for Ear training

Well, now that you know the list, we also suggest that you keep everything simple. Thinking why and how a simple studio caters to all needs, below is our solution, read on.

Staying simple keep you going. Thinking how? When you attempt for too many things, toomuch of it you get overexcited. By this, you lose the encouragement needed, and finally, land up with unable to fulfil your dreams. Ultimately, your time, efforts and money go in vain, clueless.

On the other hand, if you start with simple things, you tend to learn with them, though they might have pitfalls, and find ways to overcome them. so here you are encouraged to overcome them because the desire to reach high is making you go, aim for higher and eventually, you tend to motivate yourself to reach higher and then add up things one by one to your studio to make it like a pro.


Why Are Chanel Handbags So expensive?

Ever wondered why Chanel handbags are so expensive? Well, they have been a womana��s stylish accessory for a pretty long time and this fashion house does come with a hefty price tag. However, not many people who can afford seem to mind the price tag much. They probably know what they are paying for. Find out the reasons that you never knew!

  • It will probably outlive you

A Chanel handbag goes through rigid quality control and durability tests that can put other brands to shame. It should not come as a surprise if it survives a nuclear explosion. It might even outlive you because each bag is made from the higher grade of materials and can withstand water, heat and UV rays.

  • Will not go out of style

A Chanel bag will never go out of style and considering the fact that celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Elizabeth Taylor and the likes are constantly seen flaunting Chanel, there is no looking back for this brand.

  • An investment

Did you know that your Chanel handbag is an investment? This is because the prices of Chanel bags tend to go up every year and there will always be people on the lookout for cheaper second-hand pieces. Reselling your Chanel handbag will be a breeze if you keep it in a good condition.

  • Functional

Chanel bags are not only stylish and durable but are also highly functional and practical. We are all tired of bags that end up giving us painful shoulder muscles. Since the time Coco Chanel decided to add shoulder chains to the classic Chanel 2.55, we have shoulder bags that are highly popular and free hands to do whatever we feel like. We also have Chanel handbags that are small to carry without being too bulky to carry around comfortable.

Best Vlogging DSLRs 2017

Most Vloggers have great passion in capturing videos. A Vlogger can produce a high-quality video only when he has got a very good camera or equipment with him. Having the vloggers in mind, here are few DSLRs cameras that are best suited for vlogging in 2017.

The most important thing to be considered in DSLR is the lens. So, do care about it before purchasing one. DSLRs are best suitable for Vloggers who like to shoot their shots in a specific place like a studio. This is because DSLR are not suitable for carrying it always due to their size and lenses. Some of the best DSLRs for vlogging in 2017 are as follows

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This is the first full frame camera to be released that provides a high quality. This is best for capturing videos in low lighting. So, you can give best shots in natural light. It is known for the best autofocus system that is available on the market and comes with wide variety of lenses.

Canon EOS RebelT7i

This DSLR is being used by many Vloggers for years. This is because this is one of the best DSLR that are less costlier and provides excellent video coverage. It comes with flip-out screen and autofocus. Slow motion videos can be captured excellently. Doesna��t it sound great? Considering all its improved features,A�I am upgrading my vlogging camera to this.

Canon EOS 80D

This DSLR camera is specially made for taking videos. It comes with headphone so that one can capture audio along with the video. This is apt for taking slow motion shots. It has a good timelapse feature and has got a good battery life. It is one of the best autofocus cameras that comes for a minimal price.


The Role Of Guide Bar In Chainsaw

Concrete cutting was the hardest thing before the use of chainsaw which was modified a few years ago for concrete. The chainsaw was previously used for cutting trees and simple things like shrubbery because this wasna��t much powerful like now it is. The chainsaw work on two cycle engine which rotates transmission and this transmission is connected to the chain. The chain rotates with speed on guide bar and the guide bar is the human being able to cut hardest things like concrete. There are lots of chainsaws available in the market but the thing which needs to be considered is chainsawa��s guide bar.

Guide Bar Difference Between Concrete Cutter And Wood Cutter

There are two types of cutters and if you dona��t know much then this article will be helpful to you. Concrete cutter mainly depends on guide bar because if the bar isna��t strong then the chain will easily break it. The guide bar is made of strongest alloy and there are many types of alloy made guide bar chainsaw is available. This depends on the bar that how much large or thick tree it can cut because if you use a small guide bar chainsaw then it will stuck in tree. On the other hand using a long barred chainsaw isna��t a good option for small trees.

Things To Know

A large guide bar chainsaw has the much powerful engine because these chainsaw require more power to rotate chain. The chain is also usually heavier due to long bar. All other things are same, even the engine is two cycle engine with little more horsepower than normal one.A� If the chain used is of wrong type then it can break guide bar easily due to kickback. Always use a chain which is less vibrating rate and less kickback for safe use.

How i increased my youtube subscription

I just wanted to share with you some of the secrets to my career greatness as a genuine youtube celebrity. And it might not be what you think it is.

Ia��ve been on youtube now for the last five years, Ia��ve tried so many different techniques to increase my followers on facebook, youtube and twitter. Whilst there are many, easy ways to get followers on facebook, youtube and even instagram, youtube has always remained a little bit of a mystery. Which was a little concerning for me, because I knew that youtube was still emerging and would eventually come to be one of the most dominant forms of media. Ita��s something that I had to find out how to work.

I had many friends in the online world that were going through the same trouble. We discussed at length techniques and tactics that should work, but when we tried to implement them, they just somehow never seemed to work.

Until one day when somebody mentioned about black-hat tactics.

Us, being the young, naive internet dwellers we were had no idea what the term meant or let alone just how important it would become in shaping our online careers.

One of the black hat ways to increase your subscription on youtube (and that will cascade down to all your other social media channels, providing theya��re linked right), is to buy views. Yes thata��s right, buying views. Ia��m still not sure how it works, I just know that it does, and thata��s all I need to know

I tried a few different sites that promised different things, but for me buying views from here was definitely worth it. After subscribing to them for a year, my subscription tripled and I was well on my way to becoming the youtube icon I am today.