Top 4 video editing software of this year

To create a documentary or short film, now you don’t need any technical expertise. Due to technological advancement, there are many good video editing software available now that enables you to edit videos with ease.

Here is the top video editing software of this year.

AVS Video Editor

If you are looking for something that has professional quality but easy to use then this is the right software for you. If offers various features like lots of effects, multilingual support, video sharing opportunities from Facebook, MySpace, etc. It is one of the best video editing software for Windows.

Adobe Premiere Pro

It is a very popular video editor for Windows and Mac. Here you have features like Integration with After Effects, video masking, etc. You can do multi-track editing and have unlimited audio and video tracks.

Final Cut Pro

It is a video editing tool that helps filmmaker to edit movies. It has a very impressive user interface, lots of keyboard shortcuts, etc. It is the best video editor for Mac.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio

It is the minimized version of Sony Vegas Pro. Here different features are included like transitions, video stabilization, text, real-time effects, etc. It supports various input and output formats.

These video editing tools make it easy for people to edit videos. You don’t need to be expert at editing as the software includes numerous features. So, you can edit videos perfectly without having much experience in the field.…

Top 5 apps that can help you sleep well

Mental health and sleep are very important in a person’s life. Works often disrupt our nights. It is important to stick to a particular sleep schedule. If you are looking for help to manage your stress and sleep easily at night then you should consider having the following apps.

Sleep Better

This app is available for Apple and Android. It is a very handy tool. You should place your phone beside your pillow while sleeping. After you wake up, you will find an analysis of your sleep patterns. This app tracks your sleep pattern and wakes you up when you are in the lightest moment of your sleep.

7 Cups of Tea

It is an app for iPhone and Android. It gives mindfulness exercises. If you have persistent sleep problems, you should use this app. You can have better sleep with the help of it.


This app is mainly focused on the health of the mind, but also helps in sleep. The app features pills that help to get good night’s sleep, provides relaxation, etc. These digital pills are actually audio recordings for specific requirements.


It is a logging and recording app that can save your moods which you can analyze later. Our moods change quickly. By recording our mood we can understand the trend and use it to live a happier life.


This app provides ten minutes o meditation and mindfulness exercises. There are guided and unguided lessons options. You can easily take small breaks between your busy schedule using this app.

These apps make people’s life easier. If you find it difficult to sleep or relax, these apps will help you to get a good night’s sleep and make you feel refreshed.…

Top 3 breakthrough technologies of 2017

This year a number of innovations have taken place in the technology industry. These new technologies will affect our economy and influence our culture. Some of these technologies will take few years to develop. These breakthrough technologies are mentioned below.

Self-driving trucks

Within the next five to ten years you will see tractor-trailers without a truck driver. Many companies are now testing self-driving trucks. There are some technical problems that still need to be solved. But it is expected that these trucks will be safer and less expensive.

Paying with your face

In China, face-detecting systems now authorize payments. This system provides access to various facilities and tracks down the criminals. Face technology is expanding in China. It is used in surveillance. It can transform stores, banks, transportation services, etc. in future. This technology is now used in various apps. You can transfer money through Alipay, a mobile payment app, that is used by millions of people in China. Here you need to use your face as credentials.

360-degree selfie

You can take spherical images using inexpensive cameras. These images are changing the way people share photos. This camera allows people to pan around the image, scroll up or down, etc. If they use virtual-reality headset to view the image then they can rotate the image by moving their head. This will create a more life-like image.
These technologies are expected to develop more in the coming years and their applications will be more. These will affect our lives positively.…