Is Camera Battery Really Getting Better?

The very essence of a good video photography is the power that is spent to make it. A video has to be necessarily shot with power and to be powered effectively, a trail camera needs to use batteries. Cameras have almost always been powered with the help of batteries but in recent times, camera batteries have been getting better with the introduction of lithium ion batteries.

What Are Lithium Ion Batteries?

Lithium ion batteries are recent developments in the world of camera batteries. They are more advantageous than traditional batteries in several ways. When there is a discharge in the battery, the lithium ions move from a negative electrode to a positive electrode. This is how these lithium ion batteries function. The lithium ions carry the electric current towards the direction of the flow of electricity. While the lithium ions are charging, the direction of the energy flow is reversed and the lithium ions are returned to their positions inside the battery. At this point in time, the ions move from negative to positive and provide power all over again.

How Lithium Ion Batteries Are Making Camera Batteries Better

There are several advantages of using lithium ion batteries. You can adapt them to as many sizes and shapes as you want to. This makes them versatile enough to be used for various applications. Thus they can be fit into any device conveniently.

Considering the fact that they do not use any liquid to make the flow of ions happens, they weigh a lot lesser than traditional batteries. Traditional batteries tend to suffer from a�?memory effecta�? that makes them lose their charge if left unused for a certain period of time. However, a lithium ion battery retains its charge and gives you the same amount of power that it would have in the first place.

Moreover, lithium ion batteries are recyclable that makes them last longer and reduce the drainage of charge when not in use. For more information on advancements in camera batteries, please check the website of Trail Cam Picks.