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BuyingSolar Panels: what are the other things to consider?

There are multiple uses of solar panels. Typically, it serves as an alternate source of energy in households. You could use it to charge your electric cars. For some people even their boat runs on solar power kits. If you are considering buying clean, affordable solar panels, you should first start by putting down your requirements. There are so many things to consider apart from your solar panel.

Assessing the type of solar panel is only half the work done. You will have to conduct a thorough review on the best batteries and best ev charger in the market. There is ample review for EV wall chargers 2016/2017 to wade through. You will have to again understand the technical terms with respect to solar panels. This will help you correctly align aspects with your requirement.

What is an EV charger?

An electric vehicle charger is a unit which is used to charge electric cars. It is also used to charge electric vans and trains. But from a household perspective, we look at these with respect to cars. If you are living close to the dock, then you could also see that EV chargers are used to power boats. Thus many boat runs on solar power kits. From a electric car perspective, the solar panels installed in solar generators, can be used for overnight charging.

There are two components required to charge an electric vehicles – solar electric system and Level II electric vehicle charging station which has the wall mounted EV charger. If you intend to charge it at home, you can buy an electro charging wall unit.

Typically, a level II electric vehicle charger will contain wall-mounted EV charger. Over a 4-8 hours time, it can offer 24kWh. It is about half the time of charging an electric vehicle with 120v outlet charger.

How to choose the right solar panels generator kit?

There are so many solar panels kit, depending on your requirement you need to choose the right kit. Goal zero yeti is a popular name in the solar energy panel space. This can be connected to a compatible solar panel to produce enough energy to run household appliance. is goal zero yeti 150 small box? Yes, it is! It can serve as an indoor or an outdoor solar power kit. You can carry it around based on your requirement. This is especially ideal if you have an electric car. If the car’s battery dies down, you can pull out your kit and charge and get on the road immediately.

The unit uses a 12v sealed lead – acid battery. An AGM battery tends to last longer if you do not allow it to drain completely. This is true to your electric cars as well. The battery used in this unit is similar to that of the electric cars.


If you are looking at using solar panels to power your home, car etc., it is a great decision. You are not only cutting down on your electricity bill, but also doing the environment a huge favour.