Unique Gadgets To Build Smart Home Security

The many things that a smart home security can do:

If you are one of those who think that a home security can raise an alarm when someone is up to mischief at your front door or there is a spark somewhere or that there is any other kind of emergency, then you must be still living in the stone-age.

Today, the home security system has become so smart that they can let you do an array of things which was up to now only thought to be too out of the box. For example fancy that you are at work and your kids are yet to turn up from school. You want them to have a warm meal waiting for them when they arrive. So, you can set a notification for yourself in your smart phone itself as to when the kids arrive home from school. As soon as you get a notification, you can remotely control your electricity from the mobile phone and switch on the microwave for the food inside to get warm till your child freshens up and comes down for his supper!

This is what happened the other day with me:

I was in a rush to leave home for a meeting scheduled at 4 pm. It was already 2 30 and I had to catch a bus to be at work. In my frenzy, I forgot to switch off the heater system. I remembered in the middle of the bus journey but I was too late to even go back and do the needful. I was fretting at the thought of having a house that is burnt down because of my negligence.

Only then it struck me suddenly that I could control the heater thermostat from where I was using my smart phone as a remote for my home security system. The relief was palpable as I relaxed immediately and had a wonderful presentation at the meeting. I learnt a lot about the various other features of the Armcrest security camera after this incident from its manual and the internet. It is always empowering to be in the knowhow! If you need an Armcrest 960H 4 Ch video security System go here on these review sites and check out the actual testimonials yourself. You will need no more convincing.…