The tech used in Hair Drug Test vs. Urine Testing

Drug testing has now advanced and has become more accurate and easy. But along with this advancement, we also find a marked improvement in the detox drinks that help pass these drug tests. If you are looking for fake urine for drug testing you would find several types of these on the market. The effectiveness would vary, however.

When it comes to drug testing, the most common types used these days are hair follicle testing and urine testing. Though both are done for similar purposes, the technologies used for both differ.

Hair follicle testing- the good and the bad:

This is a more advanced type of testing which can be used to find traces of drugs that had been taken several days ago. The ideal window quoted is 90 days. The sensitivity of the test is what makes it a better choice in terms of the accuracy. So even those cases where a urine test cannot find the drugs can be detected with ease with hair follicle testing. This is also very useful to investigate the presence of a wide spectrum of drugs. And given that it is a non-intrusive method, it is quite popular.

This method, however, is not very common because of the expenses involved. For better results, a single hair strand would not be sufficient.

Urine testing- the good and the bad:

This is still the least expensive drug testing method. And it has been around for quite some time because of the ease of performing the test. The laboratory set up required for this is also relatively simpler and so even the smallest labs have this facility. The test can give good results even if the drug had been taken a week ahead. But this method is not used in cases where absolute accuracy is a must. The test is still considered to be an easy to tamper test.

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