Top 3 breakthrough technologies of 2017

This year a number of innovations have taken place in the technology industry. These new technologies will affect our economy and influence our culture. Some of these technologies will take few years to develop. These breakthrough technologies are mentioned below.

Self-driving trucks

Within the next five to ten years you will see tractor-trailers without a truck driver. Many companies are now testing self-driving trucks. There are some technical problems that still need to be solved. But it is expected that these trucks will be safer and less expensive.

Paying with your face

In China, face-detecting systems now authorize payments. This system provides access to various facilities and tracks down the criminals. Face technology is expanding in China. It is used in surveillance. It can transform stores, banks, transportation services, etc. in future. This technology is now used in various apps. You can transfer money through Alipay, a mobile payment app, that is used by millions of people in China. Here you need to use your face as credentials.

360-degree selfie

You can take spherical images using inexpensive cameras. These images are changing the way people share photos. This camera allows people to pan around the image, scroll up or down, etc. If they use virtual-reality headset to view the image then they can rotate the image by moving their head. This will create a more life-like image.
These technologies are expected to develop more in the coming years and their applications will be more. These will affect our lives positively.

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