Top 5 apps that can help you sleep well

Mental health and sleep are very important in a person’s life. Works often disrupt our nights. It is important to stick to a particular sleep schedule. If you are looking for help to manage your stress and sleep easily at night then you should consider having the following apps.

Sleep Better

This app is available for Apple and Android. It is a very handy tool. You should place your phone beside your pillow while sleeping. After you wake up, you will find an analysis of your sleep patterns. This app tracks your sleep pattern and wakes you up when you are in the lightest moment of your sleep.

7 Cups of Tea

It is an app for iPhone and Android. It gives mindfulness exercises. If you have persistent sleep problems, you should use this app. You can have better sleep with the help of it.


This app is mainly focused on the health of the mind, but also helps in sleep. The app features pills that help to get good night’s sleep, provides relaxation, etc. These digital pills are actually audio recordings for specific requirements.


It is a logging and recording app that can save your moods which you can analyze later. Our moods change quickly. By recording our mood we can understand the trend and use it to live a happier life.


This app provides ten minutes o meditation and mindfulness exercises. There are guided and unguided lessons options. You can easily take small breaks between your busy schedule using this app.

These apps make people’s life easier. If you find it difficult to sleep or relax, these apps will help you to get a good night’s sleep and make you feel refreshed.

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